Starting Your Training Journey


We don’t burn as many calories when we exercise as we would like to think. However, it’s still a very important element of this entire journey and something we need to get right but more on that in the Learn section.

If you are reading and watching this it is because you are now involved in a journey with the Shedlock Group that provides you with a program that delivers measurable results consistently in the gym.

Before you ask (for the ladies) strength training will not make you bulky, i don’t care who you are. It’s perfectly ok to strength training IN FACT (for the ladies): strength training has been shown to improve longevity due to the reasoning that you are more susceptible to bone density issues as you age and for the fellas… WELL… hiding that bear belly (cardio belly) is a chore in itself 


To achieve the most out of your training there are 3 key requirements I ask out of anybody when it comes to starting your training journey

  1. Train to succeed. Don’t expect results… work for them. All too often we see people and couples expecting a result to fall into their lap. To achieve the desired result there is a level of commitment. What are you willing to endure?
  2. Stay consistent. Try to show up to your training sessions at a minimum 3 times per week to reap the rewards. You will definitely feel a level of hurt BUT nothing worth having comes easy
  3. Stick to the program. Varying exercise is great as it minimizes boredom BUT it doesn’t allowing for long-term progress. A well designed program allows for progression. You will be completing the same program for multiple weeks in a row BUT that is to ensure you are consistently getting stronger and better


You would have by now been sent an email to assign yourself to our training application where you can view all of your training programs over your assigned time with us and also track and manage your own nutrition. Follow the steps to get set up have a look around and i’ll see you on the next video

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