Inspired by our journey and born from our passion to help other’s move better, feel better & look better – Shedlock Training Systems was created, a training system that prides itself on educating, activating and transforming people into taking back control of their health and well-being to become the ultimate versions of themselves.
Ever since our relationship began in 2013: we have never been content with settling for mediocrity – moving into our own apartment, starting our own gym as a hobby, purchasing property & working multiple jobs – constantly evolving and challenging the social status quo of normal & living life on our terms.
Driven by those in our life wanting to create change this constant eagerness to “be better” saw quick growth in both our personal and professional life, marrying in Bali to then leaving our full time 6 figure jobs to pursue our love for helping people – opening Shedlock Training Systems, the start of the Shedlock Movement to then launching SHDLCK – our lifestyle brand that is Australian owned and operated which prides itself on producing high quality wellness supplements and athleisure apparel.
Over the course of 15 years we have helped 1000’s of people take control of their health and well-being and strongly value those that have supported our journey thus far. Those we have connected with who share a common purpose, cause and interest – our extended family. We have found our obligation in helping them live life on their terms. To help them:
MOVE BETTER with a training system designed to educate, activate and transform
FEEL BETTER with a range of supplements formulated to boost energy, improve performance and get the most out of our days
LOOK BETTER with a lifestyle clothing range inspired from our love for fitness and created for comfort through movement